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Diegatus Studios Commissions commissions policy

To consider

You’ll be able to track your commission progress through custom e-mails.

Every commission have to be agreed through a contract (Commission form) between the client (you) and Diegatus Studios. From the moment you receive that form you accept the following general conditions.

If you have any questions, you can contact me from DS Commissions page, through e-mail (dtstcontact@gmail.com) or direct message (Twitter: @DiegatusStudios or Instagram: @diegatusstudios)

General conditions

In order to begin with your commission after receiving the form, you’ll have to pay 35% of the final cost, and in the final process before you get the commission done, you’ll have to pay the following 65%.

After you have paid the first payment, I’ll send you a sketch so you can see the start of the project. You can make any changes to the design in that moment. At the time you greenlight the project, you won’t be able to make any changes until you receive a sample or the finished commission.

I’ll draw your commission on my own art style in case you didn't ask for a different one and sent some reference images.

When your commission is finished, you’ll receive a sample with watermark so you can see the final result. At the moment you pay the rest of the cost, you’ll get the commission finished, clean and with the best quality.

Payments will only be allowed through PayPal or wire transfer. Exposure is not a payment method in any ways.

If you want to make any changes at the time you get the sample or the finished work, you’ll be able to with an extra charge (this charge will depend on the kind of changes you want).

Every commission takes an amount of time to be completed, so I ask you to be patient. You’ll be notified if the estimated deadline changes for any reason.

NONE OF DIEGATUS STUDIOS’ COMMISSIONS can be used with COMMERCIAL PURPOSES or RESELL (except if we agreed to it previously).

If you aren't satisfied with the agreement, you can cancel the commission at any time. Notice that any payments made so far won't be refunded.

These rules can change at any moment. If you had a commission ordered while they change, your commission will follow the previous rules.

Included with the delivery

All commissions (except comics and all in Graphic Design) will be made with a simple color background.

All commissions will be delivered by e-mail and include three formats*: .png, .jpg y .tif RGB. You can order a CMYK version optimized to print for 10€. Physical format is not available.

*Except iconography, which you’ll receive two files: .png y .svg, and except motion graphics, wich you’ll receive a video file in a specified format (if you don’t specify any format the commission will be exported in .mp4)

Responsibility and data protection

Diegatus Studios Commissions only accepts digital format commissions.

Diegatus Studios reserves any right to accept or decline any commission at any of the services it offers.

At the time that the payment is confirmed and the final commission is send, Diegatus Studios declines any responsibility or extra charges surrounding the processing and treatment of that archive/s.

All personal data given by the client for these commissions will only be used and consulted by Diegatus Studios Commissions department. This data will be stored at the Diegatus Studios’ files just for references during the commission process and future queries. For any questions or inconvenients, you can send an e-mail to dtstcontact@gmail.com or by direct message on Twitter (@DiegatusStudios) or Instagram (@diegatusstudios).


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