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Right now we don't accept new commissions. You'll know when the commissions will be open again through the Diegatus Studios' social media. Follow us for more information.



You can order different artistic projects on this page. Here you'll find the order types, prices, conditions and contact info to make your order, always with reliance and the best quality.

Order your commission

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Order character designs as you like. You can choose if you want a bust, half body or full body. The price may change depending on the level of details you want.


Designs and concept art for assets and furniture. Order yours now. Special offers for videogames or animation projects.


Have an idea for a comic? Diegatus Studios Comics is at your service! Tell me your idea and make it happen.

Graphic Design

Are you looking for someone to create your branding? Marketing banners? Icons, an user interface for your app or illustrations? Diegatus Studios Graphic Workshop adapts to you and will help you to find what you're looking for. Tell me your idea to receive a free quote.


Level up to tell your ideas. 2D, 3D and motion graphics animations from Diegatus Animation Studios. Send me your idea and give it a push with storyboards, animatic and complete animation process plus render, depending on type of project and needs. Ask for prices and conditions.

Select the color and lineart style

(Just for characters, assets, comics and specific graphic design)

These charges apply to the commission first price. (Example: Character bust (9€) + Color lineart and gradient color (20€) = 29€)

First and technique prices apply per character/object/comic/design.

Yes and noes

This is the list for which content I accept and which I don't accept as commissions.


  • • Original characters
  • • Fan art
  • • Furries /Anthro
  • • Light gore


  • • NSFW and pornography
  • • Mecha
  • • Anime
  • • Realism
  • • Any content about pedophilia, zoophilia, racism or discrimination, extremist messages or alike.

Adapted and flexible

You can choose the designs that I proppose here, or if it's something different, tell me your idea and I can help you to get it done. Ask wathever you need.

All Diegatus Studios Commissions quotes are free and without obligation.

Commissions for clients


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