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Order your own personalized commission TODAY.

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Hello, I'm Diego!

I’m an artist with large knowledge on 2D and 3D, with experience at making illustration, comics, graphic design and animation. You can see some of my projects on this portfolio and on the Diegatus Studios departments.

I was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1998, and I’ve been passionate about art and animation since my childhood. I was part of Scout Group Orión in Madrid since I was 13 years old, and through 11 years I’ve been a camper and later a monitor and in charge of designs and website, all voluntarily. Nowadays I continue with my artistic passion through personal projects, collaboratives or commissions.

Graduated as Bachelor on 3D Arts & VFX for Videogames on CEV and Teesside University in Madrid, España.

If you think I can be part of your project, don’t hesitate and send me a message.


  • - Creative and eager to learn.
  • - Motivated to participate in any project.
  • - Ability to lead and organize a work team.
  • - Ability to organize activities and/or the development of a project.


  • Photoshop


  • Illustrator


  • After Effects

    After Effects

  • Premiere


  • Substance Painter

    Substance Painter

  • 3D Studio MAX

    3D Studio MAX

  • Maya


  • Z Brush

    Z Brush

  • Unity


  • ToonBoom

    Toon Boom Harmony

  • storyboarder


  • word

    Microsoft Word

  • Power Point

    Microsoft Power Point

  • excel

    Microsoft Excel


  • Spanish (Native)

  • English (B2)

Animation Demo Reel 2019


Collaboration for the final project of Bachelor in 3D Arts & VFX for videogames. CEV, Madrid, Spain, 2019.

El Corpus Christi en Sevilla

Collaboration for Festival Symphonos 2018, celebrated in Madrid (Spain).

Acting with dialogue

Acting with dialogue animation.
(Character rig: Jerry, by Truong CG Artist on Gumroad and Mery by Mery Project)

Acting - Do not push

Acting with dialogue animation.
(Character rig: Jerry, by Truong CG Artist on Gumroad).

Body Mechanics - Tight rope

Body mechanics animation of a tiger walking on a tight rope.
(Tiger rig from Trevital on Gumroad).

Body Mechanics - Smashing the ground

Body mechanics animation of a tiger smashing the ground.
(Tiger rig from Trevital on Gumroad).

Walking cycle

Deadpool walking.
(Deadpool rig from AnimSchool).

Bouncing ball through obstacles

A ball bouncing through an obstacles course.

Relaxing fireplace

VFX animation about a fireplace, made for the Diegatus Studios 2017 Holidays Festival.

3D Modeling Demo Reel 2019


Iconography and illustration

01 01

Banners and marketing

Motion graphics

Happy Halloween! (Diegatus Studios, 2018)

Mission orders (SAVIORS, 2019)

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