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22 sep 2021

Diegatus posted:

Inktober 2021

October is just around the corner and Inktober is back. I'll participate this year and I've created a Diegatus Studios' official prompt list that you can see on Instagram , Twitter and at Inktober 2021 section on Art Gallery. Every day of october I will make a new ink drawing and I will publish it on my social media. If you want to participate too, don't forget to mention @diegatusstudios and @inktober and hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2021. Let's have fun!


1 sep 2021

Diegatus posted:

Back to work!

I'm back from the summer! Now let's get back to the projects.


6 jul 2021

Diegatus posted:

Closed for vacations!

Diegatus Studios Commissions close for vacations! There won't be new productions except those which are already running from july 14 until august 31, both included.

Diegatus Studios Commissions


10 jun 2021

Diegatus posted:

A miner needs his tools


5 jun 2020

Diegatus posted:

Changes on Diegatus Studios content

After thinking about it some time, I decided that I should focus more on producing content for my professional career, so many of the actual projects and productions has been cancelled or postponed until new order.

You can read all about these changes on Instagram and Twitter .


21 may 2021

Diegatus publicó:

Pickaxe rig: V. 1.0

Take a look to a rig I've been working on for the next upcoming animation.

There's still a lot to do and some controls need revision and adjustments, but the majority of it responds as I intended, so 😀👍. I made a testing animation to check how it works, and doesn't look bad!

You can watch this video and more pics on Instagram and Twitter .


26 feb 2021

Diegatus posted:

Happy 5th Annniversary!

It's our 5th Annniversary! Happy birthday! 🎉🎉🎉

For this ocassion, you have a new background you can download at the Downloads page.


7 jan 2021

Diegatus posted:

23 years old!

Hey there! How's it going? Today is my birthday! Let's celebrate it with a new comic that you can read at the Comics Gallery. Enjoy it!

I have 23 years now... I don't like to get old... XD.


8 dec 2020

Diegatus posted:

Diegatus Studios 2021 Calendar: Now available

You can download the new Diegatus Studios 2021 Calendar from the Downloads page, at the Files section.

I hope you like it!


2 dec 2020

Diegatus posted:

Thank you for participate on the Diegatus Studios 2.0 website beta!

Thank you all for being part of the beta! We received your feedback and we'll be working to make a few changes around here. See you on the next drawing!


2 dec 2020

Frederick posted:

No Holiday Festival this year?!

They requested to be me who had to announce that because some things around this year and that we've been busy lately, we won't be able to celebrate the Holiday Festival this year. We're so sorry, but we'll try to make something big next year to compensate.


7 nov 2020

Diegatus posted:

New Diegatus Studios website

Enjoy the new design and sections of the Diegatus Studios' website!


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